Friday, August 31, 2012

Paint Stick Mirror

I saw a few different variations of this mirror on Pinterst so I decided to try my own and see how it turned out.  I wanted to try and do this project for free but ended up buying some spray paint for $3.47 so total cost of the project $3.47!!!

30 Paint Sticks (Home Depot or Lowes gives these things away for free!)
An Old Mirror
Hot Glue/Gun
Spray Paint

I used a mirror I already had and all I had to do was unscrew it and put a piece of cardboard glued to the back to make the mirror even to glue the paint sticks on flat.

I evenly spaced out the first layer all the way around, and then glued another layer on top in between the previous first layer.

Back side finished product

 Then I sprayed it yellow and sealed it and hung it up in my guest room.  So cute for so cheap!  I think it really makes a statement and takes up wall space!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Smokin Hot

My Target just got all of Essie's Fall collection in and I'm obsessed.  My new favorite, Essie Smokin Hot-- its a mix of grey/plum and its awesome.  You want a new fall color, go get it.

Leggings: Hue Denim from Nordstrom (I love these)
Necklace: Forever 21--old

Essie: Smokin Hot

 Ps. Look at this amazing sunset last night.  It was beautiful!!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Cowboy Boots

The thing I love about this outfit is my skinnys.  These are "coated" jeans/jeggins that are coated with a sheen to look more like leather/  I love them.  This night my husband and I went to see Brian Reagan, a comedian at an outdoor theater, hence the cowboy boots.  

Coated Skinnys: Jolt from Nordstrom 
Leopard Trim Top: hip from Nordstrom 
Cowboy boots old

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Front/Back or Back/Front

The thing I love about this shirt is you could wear it either way, buttons in the back or front.  Today I choose back because I was wearing my cute new necklace and didn't want to take away from that.  I paired it with my bright pink skinnys, still trying to live each last day of summer!  

TIP OF THE DAY: One tip I always do with wearing skinnys is paring tight pants with a loose top, or vise versa, loose pants with a tighter top.  I think this rule of thumb always works and helps bring balance to any outfit.

Skinnys: Nordstrom Rack
Top: Nordstrom Rack
Necklace: Tai Pan Trading Company bought yesterday ($19.97 before my 25% coupon)

Friday, August 24, 2012

Fall Fashion

Since I have been DYING in this heat wave I thought it would be nice to fantasize about what I am going to be wearing in the upcoming months.  I LOVE fall fashion.  I love the leggings, boots, sweaters, scarfs, and dark nail polish that are only appropriate to wear in the fall.  I can't WAIT!  Pinterest has become my fashion best friend.
Ps. I LOVE Tory Burch but my wallet can't afford it.  One can dream, right?
Honestly, this looks so cozy, and I love Reese.

I'm still loving colored skinnies, just toned down a bit for fall

This is what I call a California fall look.  Since it never gets cold here, this look is appropriate for fall.  I am also a sucker for leopard print.

I love blazers, I love sparkle, I love layering, and I love chambray.  Enough said.

I hope you get some inspiration for your own fall looks :)

Friday, August 17, 2012

Maxi & Ikat

Today I had to drive in the car for about an hour and then do some work for my husband.  I wanted to look nice-ish in something that wouldn't wrinkle... Enter the maxi skirt, the best invention ever!!

Skirt: Nordstrom Rack
Shirt: Nordstrom Rack 
Cuff: Cara
Belt: BP from Nordstrom

Lots of Love!!!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Hardware Love

So I saw pinterest that there was a way to spray paint your hardware to get that Oil Rubbed Bronze effect.  I love that color and decided to take a go. I took the hardware off, sprayed the color as well as a finishing coat and let it dry for 48 hours before installing.  The lady who did this said hers haven't chipped in 5 years so I thought I would use her process.  

The Paint, Rust-Oleum in Oil Rubbed Bronze

The Before

  The After:

Overall, I like the look.  The hardware on the door handles now kinda has a weird feel.  Plus where the tongue and groove part in the door is already stating to chip.  So I definitely would not suggest doing your door handles unless they are the hideous brass that needs to go!
BUT I would paint the towel rod and toilet paper holder (not pictured) again.  Turned out so cute and plus I don't think it will chip!  So learn from me and don't regret what you do!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Bumble Bee

Today I went to drop something off for my husband at his office.  When I walked in he said, "Look at my cute little bumble bee!"  I knew I should of bought this shirt in blue and not yellow!

Shirt: Marshalls $12.99, bought today--also came in blue 
Skirt: Bobeau, Nordstrom Rack (similar
I LOVE Maxi Skirts, they are so comfy and honestly feel like wearing pjs!  I want one in every color!

Cuff: Cara, Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, Sold Out :(

Monday, August 13, 2012

Crystal Chandelier for Under $45

If you remember in my previous post, I am in the middle of redoing my guest bathroom.  One way to really change up a bathroom is to change out the light fixtures.  I hated the builder grade one above the mirror and purchased a light fixture and installed it myself!  I totally believe everyone can install a light fixture.  I went on YouTube and watched a few videos and now I am a PRO!

Light Fixture I purchased from Overstock

But since I couldn't afford another light fixture for over the toilet, I decided to make my own.  I started with a really nasty fluorescent light.  
To uninstall I just had to unscrew a few screws and untwist the orange caps keeping the wires together

Next I found a crystal light holder at Hobby Lobby for $30!!  I used it for decorating a wedding I did a year back and its been sitting with no home.  I then went to Home Depot and bough a hanging light fixture kit in Nickel, they have all colors for $14.99.
All I had to do was take out the candle holder center, attach the post of the lamp and affix the hanging chains to the top.  Pretty simple!

And I LOVE the final product!  Check back for the rest of the bathroom reveal.

Date Night

Summer Date Night!  My husband and I went to this new "Luxury Movie Theater" right by our house called Cinepolis.  It was AMAZING!!  Full motorized reclining seats, huge arm rests, and a personal waiter who answered to your every want during the movie.  It made me never want to go back to "poor mans theater" again! :)  What I wore
Top: Nordstrom Rack
White Jeans: 7 For All Mankind 

 Watch: Michael Kors
Bracelet: Nadri and Cara

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Framed Cards

My walls in my guest room have been empty for a long time, I had no idea what to put on them.  I needed some inexpensive and cute and finally came up with a really cute idea.  

I found some really cute cards at the Dollar Spot at Michaels that matched the theme of my room and even had some of my favorite bling on them.

To make these framed cards you need:
Cards ($1.00 Each from Michaels)
Frames ($3.99 Each from Target)
Mats ($2.49 Each from Michaels)
TOTAL= Less then $8.00 per frame, $32 for the set

All I did was tape the cards to the mats and put them in the frames.  Super easy, super cute, and super cheap!


I put the frames 2.5 inches apart.  I tried other widths but this was my favorite

The Guest Room so far.  I have lots of other ideas for the walls that I can't wait to start!

Quilt: Target

Shorts & T-Shirt

Since it is BAKING hot here, well only a high of 86 degrees, but I live in San Diego and that is deathly hot here!  Today I was out running around getting in and out of hot cars so I wanted something simple. That is why a T-Shirt and Shorts had to do today.  

Top: Gap
Shorts: 7 for All Mankind (Bought at Nordstrom Rack)
*These are actually capris, but I am not a hug fan of capris so I roll them into shorts

Watch: Michael Kors

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Making a Statement

One way to make a hug statement in a room is WALLPAPER!!  I love the look of wallpaper but may have gone a little over board in my master bedroom.  If I was doing it over again I would of just done one focus wall, like I did in the bathroom.  But you live and learn, right??

Some tips for DIY Wallpaper:
1.  Make sure you buy pre-pasted, it will make your life so much easier!
2. You definitely need a partner to make sure it all aligns correctly, the pattern I used was easy to align 
3. Make sure you measure correctly to order the right amount, no need to waste money and order more, and you FOR SURE don't want to be short!
4. Wallpaper always comes in a double roll,  so if it is $10 a roll, you can only buy 2 for $20.  
5. I bought my wallpaper for cheap!  Wallpaper Whole Sale has tons of inexpensive items 

Before:  Testing out some paint samples

My cute water closet!