Friday, August 24, 2012

Fall Fashion

Since I have been DYING in this heat wave I thought it would be nice to fantasize about what I am going to be wearing in the upcoming months.  I LOVE fall fashion.  I love the leggings, boots, sweaters, scarfs, and dark nail polish that are only appropriate to wear in the fall.  I can't WAIT!  Pinterest has become my fashion best friend.
Ps. I LOVE Tory Burch but my wallet can't afford it.  One can dream, right?
Honestly, this looks so cozy, and I love Reese.

I'm still loving colored skinnies, just toned down a bit for fall

This is what I call a California fall look.  Since it never gets cold here, this look is appropriate for fall.  I am also a sucker for leopard print.

I love blazers, I love sparkle, I love layering, and I love chambray.  Enough said.

I hope you get some inspiration for your own fall looks :)

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