Thursday, August 16, 2012

Hardware Love

So I saw pinterest that there was a way to spray paint your hardware to get that Oil Rubbed Bronze effect.  I love that color and decided to take a go. I took the hardware off, sprayed the color as well as a finishing coat and let it dry for 48 hours before installing.  The lady who did this said hers haven't chipped in 5 years so I thought I would use her process.  

The Paint, Rust-Oleum in Oil Rubbed Bronze

The Before

  The After:

Overall, I like the look.  The hardware on the door handles now kinda has a weird feel.  Plus where the tongue and groove part in the door is already stating to chip.  So I definitely would not suggest doing your door handles unless they are the hideous brass that needs to go!
BUT I would paint the towel rod and toilet paper holder (not pictured) again.  Turned out so cute and plus I don't think it will chip!  So learn from me and don't regret what you do!!

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